Solar wave pool Gleisdorf

Gleisdorfer Solar Wave Pool
- environmentally friendly bathing

The new solar wave pool in Gleisdorf has got a friendly face due to a modern architecture, it shows new attractive swimming pools, miscellanous possibilities to do sports but is also extraordinary because of the high capacity use of renewable energy.

The sun heatens the warm water for showers and pools, additionally heated with a firing of pellets and the electricity for the solar wave pool is produced by a photovoltaic system.

400 sqm sun collectors which heaten the water for showers and pools assure environmentally friendly swimming fun. If the power of the sun doesn't suffice the water gets heated in a 400 kW pellets heating. The electricity for the public bath is produced by a 10.000 watt solar power system, producing environmentally friendly electricity.

Furthermore the water is refined by Grander technology. With the enlivened water, the solar warmth and the sun electricity the solar wave pool in Gleisdorf is an extraordinary environmentally friendly leisure facility.